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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
I forgot to cover the medical benefits from it. Now I do agree with it for medical reasons. Legit medical reasons. If doctors can prove that it can help a patient then it should be given to them. I feel though that it should be done the same policy of prescription medication. Yes, pills and prescriptions are beneficial, but they can be abused hence why they need to be controlled. Just because prescription medication is beneficial doesn't mean we give them to everyone. I feel that for your argument you say "oh since its beneficial for the ill, we should legalize it for everyone." That shouldn't be how it works. It should be given to the people who need it. You shouldn't use another's need for it as an excuse for you to have it. I really doubt you're ill and are in need of it. You're just arguing for that reason because its convenient and works in your favor even though it doesn't apply to your personal need or requirement.
Nay, I don't argue for convenience. I'm just keeping true to the subject matter, you mentioned health, I thought I would stay on track. And now we are invited into the dredges of social acceptance. Remember that the use of marijuana is a victim less action. Nobody is hurt, nobody is forced beyond there will to do something they feel is wrong. I see no rational basis for the legal distinction between alcohol and marijuana and I like many others have become cynical about Americas political institutions and democratic process. These laws, supposedly enforced for our safety, seem to only brew more violence. I believe that the laws cause more harm then good. In lames terms:

“Before we make a reasoned decision about marijuana, we should weigh the effects marijuana has on society against the effects the marijuana laws have. If marijuana is more harmful to society than the laws, then the laws should be retained. If the laws are more harmful then the substance the laws should be changed.”

And what do we see. No negative health effects except those associated with smoke inhalation, which are unproven. Many medical benefits, many industrial benefits, many young innocent teenagers jailed and stocked with a criminal record. The harm that marijuana laws cause individuals is exacerbated by the damage the laws do to society. Thousands of marijuana related arrests lead to longterm incarceration every year, imprisonment leads to breakdown of families and can spell psychological and economic disaster for loved ones. the marijuana laws ruin the lives of productive members of society.

“The war on pot has been a disaster for our society. Consider the price society is paying:

Children turning in there parents, parents turning in there kids, friends turning in there friends, families ripped apart, billions of dollars wasted each year to enforce marijuana laws, six million people a year under court supervision, millions of seriously ill patients denied safe, inexpensive relief, farmers denied a change to join the growing worldwide hemp industry, the humiliation and loss of privacy inherent in widespread drug testing.”

Think! Why is marijuana illegal? WHY? because it makes the government lots of money. All those tax dollars, all those court fines, all the business. The more people are in jail, being fined, and punished to community service, the more the government roles in.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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