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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Great to see you back Kolte.
No, it shouldn't. Why should the government legalize something that is harmful? I see people on this forum for example, post back and say marijuana doesn't hurt you and it's not addictive, etc and it doesn't hurt anyone. Now, things have changed and it's done them no good and they're worst off. The idea of personal responsibility is bullshit. People can't even control their eating habits so to give them more things to kill themselves with can't do any good. There's also health problems too. More unhealthy people cost everyone. Our health care system is in a rut and we shouldn't be adding more things to make people more unhealthy.

I would rather have healthier people than happy pot heads. The majority of this country don't want it and the government should enforce what the people want.

Not to mention it smells awful!
On the contrary my good sir, I think the facts point in the direction of little to no health problems. And the advances to medical research and possible cures and treatments for disease are to be found the plant Cannabis Sativa. Science has found that marijuana is one of the benign substances know to humans.

The 2000 NHSDA conservatively estimated 1 in 20 people, thats around 11 million Americans, smoked pot in the last month. The truth is, anywhere from 10 to 50 million people in the united states use marijuana. Thats a relatively large minority to just ignore. The fundamentals of democracy are undermined when we ignore the cries of such a vast populace.

In the 96.2 million emergency room visits in 2000, marijuana was mentioned in only .01 percent. This means that the patient admitted at some point in the medical interview to having used marijuana recently. In 76% of these cases, marijuana was used in conjunction with another drug, such as alcohol or cocaine. Not to mention, annually, 430,000 deaths occur because of tobacco, 110,000 because of alcohol, 32,000 because of prescription drugs, and all of 0 because of Marijuana.

The medical applications of marijuana are vast. Aids, Asthma, Arthritis and Auto immune diseases, cancer, chronic pain, depression and other mood disorders, epilepsy, glaucoma, menstrual craps and labor pain, multiple sclerosis, muscle spasm and spasticity, migraines, paraplegia and quadriplegia, pruritis, are all disorders that can be treated and some even cured by the use of marijuana.

“Marijuana prohibition has caused us to pay a terrible price in pain and suffering, sepecially for those who are critically ill and might otherwise benifit from this unique herbal medicine....the truth is that as long as marijuana is illegal all of us are being denied a valuable medicine which can provide nontoxic, longlasting relief, and even cures for a host of common ailments.”


Ed Rosenthal and Steve Kubby in Why marijuana should be legal

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