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Default Re: Should Marijuana be legal?

Great to see you back Kolte.
No, it shouldn't. Why should the government legalize something that is harmful? I see people on this forum for example, post back and say marijuana doesn't hurt you and it's not addictive, etc and it doesn't hurt anyone. Now, things have changed and it's done them no good and they're worst off. The idea of personal responsibility is bullshit. People can't even control their eating habits so to give them more things to kill themselves with can't do any good. There's also health problems too. More unhealthy people cost everyone. Our health care system is in a rut and we shouldn't be adding more things to make people more unhealthy.

I would rather have healthier people than happy pot heads. The majority of this country don't want it and the government should enforce what the people want.

Not to mention it smells awful!
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