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Default Mental Crises. V.2.0

well, ive been off school now for a total of 6weeks,
im loosing touch with reality, how to socilise..
just about loosing touch with everything...
i hate to see my life fall apart, i have a box office view,
im in complete control of it aswell
all i need to do is go back to school
but its almost like i have a cmplete fear of the place
i dont think its possible and im just being irrational
but i havnt stepped foot in the place since a few days before i od'd
and im real scared ot go back
i got rejected from another school
and eveyrthings falling apart
ergh, it frustrates me so bad.

i also have my first councilling appointment on monday..
also very scary
i dont kno whow i will react
or how im supposed to react
its all so scary
but it a good thing?

the most annoying thing is, its felt like this is getting me nowhere

if anyone can be bothered to reply to this, i dontneed 10 responses saying hope u feel better bladebla...i just need...advice...and well maybe a little love

Peace out

- Mute

Laura, would you please give me a point of view,
whats it like at do you think people woul dreact at a return?

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18. Come back when you stop failing.
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