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Default Re: How to tell people I love I used to...

i know im young and not an expert on things like this but i hope i can try to help

But I hate these scars. I wish I could get rid of them. They hurt just looking at them, a reminder of how I caused myself and others pain.
i hope i dont come off as a jerk but i hope that those scars remind you that people do care about you! i dont even know you but reading your post made me feel closer to you if that makes sense

And I can't seem to tell my best friend about them. I know it won't push her away to tell her, I just can't find the right time. I guess not on the phone. What do you think? I mean I just don't want her to worry about me and assume things and tell some one else, but I know her; she wouldn't make things worse.
i think if you can find some private time with her where you wont be distracted by anything then try to talk to her about it. maybe you can try starting off by mentioning that you used to cut and that it made you feel good for the moment but afterwards (when u stopped) you realized that you really werent the only person you were cutting with that knife. cheesy i know, but oh well. that might get her to open up or at least reconsider what shes doing. i think talking her directly about it like its her fault and she should stop immediately might shut her off from your reasoning even if she doesnt show it. it happens to me when people talk to me about my problems as if im a little kid and they act like know more than me

I'm more worried about my boyfriend. Also, because we make so many "emo jokes" (I know not funny) but he doesn't know I really hurt myself. We're six months into our relationship, but I'm afraid of pushing him far far away. I dont know. I really love him but I don't want to have to hide this or lie to him because he notices I get extra sensitve about "cutting jokes" (because its not funny and its serious). But he doesn't know to stop because I never told him I once was in that position.
for your bf, if he mentions another joke then maybe you can be like, "i know these jokes might be funny, but i went through most of them" and if u can then try to explain your past to him. tell him that even though you stopped the scars are still there and they remind you of times youd rather not be reminded of. but again i think confronting (is that the word) directly would be bad because he might get defensive and might shut you out or get mad.

i hope that helps a little bit
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