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Default Re: I really don't get it, I really don't...

OMGSH yeah. My brother is a nut case! He hates Mike, he loves Mike, he hates him etc... O_o' Mikey came over all day today. I'm very happy. We went out to eat with my brother and friend (who drove us) and it was nice. Then We went back to my house for an hour and played videogames before we went to my other brothers baseball game. We watched the game some, took a walk and sat on the grass playing our made up hockey games. Then he came back to my house again and ate more pizza, then we went out for ice cream and then mike and my brothers played a mix of golf/hockey game in my room.
We did have a nice 15 minute make out session in my basement family room =). and my one brother whos angry was much better today and Im glad!! and I might go to Mikes soccer game tomorrow which means his house afterwards for a little bit, and MAJOR make outage!! lol.

I dont get it. I cry because of how happy I am. I've never felt this way before even in my longest relationship before this one. (today is our 1/2 yr!!). I am very religious, so I thank God sincerly for this. I think I really love him and this is not my hormones speaking.
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