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Default Re: I really don't get it, I really don't...

=) Yeah actually I saw him yesterday sometime after posting this.

He wasn't the way he was on the phone, he was quite normal. We all went to my best friends house (a girl, and then my brother and 2 of my other guy friends [we're this big group] and my bf). I mean we played a 3 on 3 football game and i was on my bfs team and another friends team and we kicked my bro's team's ass. But my bro was sensitive about it and blamed all his problems on mike and I. And I took it sensitively (because my brother was sooo harsh with his words-- he practically disowned me as a sister) and my bf was just like to me "its ok, its not you're fault, hes just mad." and held me. He said he was there for me, and my brother will eventually get over it.

See, we communicate so much better in person! aye aye aye.
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