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Default Re: Mind-control,. man...

...Holy Shit... :O

Um... this is bad... all I can think of saying (which sounds dumb to me as I type) is that you're young. It's gotta be unbearable (I can't even IMAGINE something like this happening to me) with this guy being your best friend since forever, but nothing is forever really. People come in and out of our lives, and if this guy feel so strongly about this you shouldn't even try to make up. Just don't see him anymore. Meet new people; I know it's hard, but you gotta start somewhere. Try to come to terms with everything that has happened, forgive every one of these people in your heart (if not in person) and especially forgive yourself.

Besides, all of us really are too young to understand love and all that stuff. I mean, ya gotta look at us teens in general: new "bf's and gf's" every other week, so many that you forget their names. Unfortunately ALL OF US are mistaking physical attraction for "love", when we really just "like" (you said yourself about asking him if he "liked" her). ANYWAY, what I mean is, you are going to meet so many people when you're older (hopefully more mature people) and I KNOW you will find your future wife WHEN THE TIME COMES. Then all of these petty relationships won't matter AT ALL. And of course you got years and years to meet the other 6 billion people on this planet!

Sorry if I seemed tough at all; try to get through this alright? I know everything will work out if you believe in your heart that it will.

God Bless
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