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Default Mind-control,. man...

So. I've only ever had two best friends in my life, two who I thought would never fuck me over. Guess what they did?

I apologize in advance for any rude language, but I have to get this out.

So, last summer, my "best" friend, ever, since kindergarden, got a girlfriend. Nice girl, a little annoying, not TOO easy on the eyes, but a cute blonde. Now, I'm happy for him since this is the first girl ever that's dated him. So, we go out, and this girl introduces me to her friend. Eventually, we start dating. So every night during summer we have double dates and whatnot. Walking around, loving it.

Eventually, I start drinking. This is because my friend broke up with the "cute blonde" and started hanging out with an "emo" girl. I fell for her. The girl I was dating at the time broke up with me because I told her of my feelings, but that I wasnt going to break up with her for the "emo" one. Well, she dumped me.

Real nice.

So now, me and my friend, we're single, right? So we're hanging out every night now, drinking, which is dumb. So, the "emo"(god I hate that word) girl hits on everyone drunk. So its me, then my friend the next minute. Wow.

So I tell this girl how I feel, and etc. Nothing happens. We keep drinking together. Then, I ask my friend, I ask him a simple question, "Do you like her?"

He says no.

The next night, we go out and drink. I'm smashed. There's this new girl, a blonde. She sets up my friend and the "emo" girl. My best friend lied to me, and picked a girl over his best friend ever.

But then, this story goes on. That's when I became serious about slitting and burning.

So, my ex comes back to me, dating my OTHER best friend. My life cant get shittier, I think.

Me and my best friend, dating the "emo" girl, get things smoothed over. So, my ex starts cheating on her boyfriend with me. No, I didn't do it purposely, she just had me brainwashed. I was disgusted with myself. She ruined my life so quickly. Eventually, my best friend decides to tell me to kill myself since I'm a cheater and always will be, etc. He meant it. I told him to prove it, if he wanted me to.

He showed up at my house with a gun...and one bullet. No joke.

Now how can someone deal with these losses? Both my best friends fucked me over, and ruined my life.

Please tell me how to cope, because I'm tired of going to bed with knives.
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