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Default Music...a true love?

Just rambling, but...

Whenever you listen to music, whichever type you love most(for me, it's hardcore/death metal/gothic/screamo/emo, anything new and heavy) and get a shiver or an adrenaline rush whenever you hear something especially awesome?

Whenever I get a shiver, it's usually because I'm picturing myself on stage, having a good time, playing guitar, screaming, keyboard, drumming...just wishing I had the life of a famous rockstar, having millions of fans cheering me on just to play that one last song as an encore.

I'm getting one now, listening to the keyboardist of Children of Bodom face off against the guitarist, and as soon as they start to play together and get into an amazing rhythm, I feel like I'll cry, because I know I'll never have a life like that, although it's the only thing I want...
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