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Exclamation Strange feeling?

So I keep having these weird feelings. It's hard to describe so bare with me please. It's an actual feeling I get in my mind/body, and sometimes I get a little dizzy from it. It's like I'm seeing through someone else's body. I get thoughts like "why am I here in this life form?" It sounds suicidal, but I mean it litteraly, like as opposed to being in some parellel universe I suppose. I can move, and I know my surroundings and everything, but I get really nervous, and nauseas.

I stay in this state of mind anywheres to a few seconds or until I fall asleep. The episodes can happen once, or a bunch of times over a few weeks, but eventually ends for a while before coming back, each time worse than last. The last time I started getting them I had to hurt myself physically (biting, nails dug in skin, cutting). I think I'm starting another episode, and it scares me. I've become distant to my bf who lives with me, and I don't even know how to explain it to him.

Sorry it's so long, and I apologize for cross posting (I haven't seen no-nos on this, and I didn't know what topic it'd be). PLEASE tell me if you know what this is, if you have it, and if so, at least a better way to describe it. Thank you =o)
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