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Exclamation What is this feeling?

So I keep having these weird feelings. It's hard to describe so bare with me please. It's an actual feeling I get in my mind/body, and sometimes I get a little dizzy from it. It's like I'm seeing through someone else's body. I get thoughts like "why am I here in this life form?" It sounds suicidal, but I mean it litteraly, like as opposed to being in some parellel universe I suppose. I can move, and I know my surroundings and everything, but I get really nervous, and nauseas.

I stay in this state of mind anywheres to a few seconds or until I fall asleep. The episodes can happen once, or a bunch of times over a few weeks, but eventually ends for a while before coming back, each time worse than last. The last time I started getting them I had to hurt myself physically (biting, nails dug in skin, cutting). I think I'm starting another episode, and it scares me. I've become distant to my bf who lives with me, and I don't even know how to explain it to him.

Sorry it's so long, but PLEASE tell me if you know what this is, if you have it, and if so, at least a better way to describe it. Thank you =)
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