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Default Re: Addict

of course you can get it anywhere
Rudi can get it here if he really tried
i mean i'd kill him
but you can get anything here a provience where 18yr olds are making 200grand a yr
dude...theres an alcohol shortage...
theres been meth labs in my lil tiny town

My mum used to be a dealer
paid the rent -shrug-

You need to get away so your not near the peer preassure of your friends and your not near the local dealers you know
then you need to honestly try

or just go to rehab

or don't stop

your choice
in the end your the one that it effects

and seriously
if your addicted to that much shit
your futures in trouble already
a yr off to clean up or keep doing what you are

Where exactly do you see yourself in 5yrs?

its all your choice in the end patch

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