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Default Re: Abortion thats right I'm bringing it up again lol

to movealong: no, not all of them commit suicide, but most people who get abortions regret it. like i said, yeah, a baby should be aborted if their is a brain problem and the baby will never ever be able to care for his/herself.
i agree, gay couples should be able to adopt. and there are regulations about where a baby goes to. theres a long waiting list for people who want to adopt a child.

to underage thinker: a 15 year old can, in most cases, bear a child with little medical complications. and i would give my life before i killed a baby. and if she was raped, she should have gone to the hospital and taken the morning after pill within 48 hours. if she didnt, whether or not its her fault, the right thing to do would be to have the baby. sure it will be hard but the child didnt do anything, it shouldnt have to die. just because you have emotional problems doesnt mean you can kill an innocent person, you get help from a therapist.

i'm not ignorant because i know about abortion and rape. no, i dont think murder is right, does that make me close minded?
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