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Um, this DOES seem a bit farfetched but actually I believe this guy (I heard a similar story, and this kinda creeped me out). Anyway, the story I heard started JUST LIKE THIS and ended VERY BADLY. I'm sorry if I seem too ominous or something, but something is very WRONG about this picture. I dunno, I could just feel it when I read his post (seriously guys; bear with me please).

If your mom wanted you to shave your pubes SHE CANNOT MAKE YOU. It is your body and especially your GENITALS! But the WORST THING of all is the fact that she makes you do it in front of her. Now that part made me feel SICK. Isn't that a form of sexual abuse!? I mean, my friend's AUNT caught him masturbating and for a while he was forced to do it IN FRONT OF HER "or else she would tell his parents". Did anyone else get this feeling from the post? I really don't get this worked up about stuff like this, but it really affected me...

Please buddy, don't let her tell you to do stuff, and especially DON'T LET HER WATCH! It just... isn't right. Nothing's right about this situation....
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