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Originally Posted by no1knos View Post
I post in this alot. many of you know me and have either helped me, or called me out on being something I'm not. I'm not lying or seeking attention. But I just want to know... is this it? I'm scared. Since I was fourteen (I'm seventeen, almost eighteen now) I've been a cutter. I love it and i crave it. It seems like it's the only way to make things right anymore. I upset someone, and I cut. Someone upsets me, and I cut. I get stressed out, or sad, or anything... and I cut. Is this it? Is this what my life is going to be like forever. Someone told me how chemically burn myself... I've started doing that now, too. I don't know anymore... this is it... isn't it? This is going to be my life... full of scars and blood...

Celia... I know you're going to read this. I know you're going to be upset. I'm sorry my love.
I know what this is. This is what I go through every day, every hour of my life. Just today my love broke up with me over it. I can't stop, even to help keep them happy. I've lost too many friends. Do you want to be like me? Alone? Addicted to drugs? Scars as dark as black? That's all my arm is.
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