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Default Re: A question about being gay

Originally Posted by Enkoi View Post
hmm thats interesting. But the sterotyping of gay people is annoying.

People think if a guy acts girly and waves his hand around and wears pink, he is gay. I'm not saying it's true or false, but some people forget that being gay has to do with which sex you're attracted to. You can't tell that by looking at a person either.

This confuses me, so at least I'm asking so I get outside info.
What's the question? I don't wear pink. Sure, I'm a bit frilly, but I'm not as frilly as Alex (one of our admins) and he doesn't act that frilly!
I don't act that girly really : /

Originally Posted by SubliminalTim View Post
Mmm that's not gay, that's queer.
Well you might know that, but it sure as hell that not everybody does!
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