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Default Re: Another gay story!

I told you guys, I was changing the beginning. Here is the new version:

Every night Corey dreamed that he was in some random guy’s arms and he was finally happy. He never saw who it was but he was at peace with the world as he and this person squeezed together, embracing, He felt warm and safe; a feeling he usually did not have while awake and at school.

“Fag!” Louis Gordon taunted as he knocked Corey’s books out of his hands. (If there was on thing Corey knew about Gordon it was that the guy in his dreams would never ever be him.)

Gordon laughed and snorted back some snot as he continued his morning stroll around the halls of Norchester High School. Barely fazed, Corey squatted down and began placing his books and binders into a neat order. He stood up and saw the vice-principal, Mr. Moll, pass by. Sighing, Cory went to homeroom. Why couldn’t he have passed by just ten seconds before? he wondered.

His homeroom was in room D-18, a science room ran by a teacher named Mr. Choi. Mr. Choi let the students in homeroom carry on until the announcements came on, so Corey found everyone walking around, looking at Choi’s fish, chatting loudly and trying to shoot paper balls into the trash cans.

Donnie Sampson barely missed hitting Corey with his balled-up Spanish Club flyer. Every school flyer or any paper he got in homeroom Donnie threw away instantly. “Sorry,” he muttered.

“No problem,” Corey answered and sat down in his seat towards the back of the room. Donnie was spastic at times but at least he wasn’t a homophobe.

He felt someone’s arms wrap around him from behind. Corey smiled. “Hey, Ally.” A girl with dyed black hair with blonde streaks swirled around him and sat on the neighboring seat.

“Corey, you might have a chance for a boyfriend now!” she teased excitedly and a bit too loudly. Dawn McReady turned around and gave them both an awful look. Thankfully she didn’t say it today. No “You’ll both go to Hell” for at least this morning.

Corey rolled his eyes and turned to Ally. “What are you talking about?”

She smirked. “There’s a new kid coming today, right? He’s coming from James’ Ridge- Molly knows him. Anyway, Molly says that he came out just a week ago! Mmm, fresh meat, huh?” she joked and started tickling him. Corey let out a weird giggle but then suddenly backed away, embarrassed by his own noise.“So now there are two gay guys at Norchester, including me?” he asked in a low voice, as to not receive another dirty look from Dawn.

Ally grinned and nodded in response. Just then the announcements came on, everyone fell silent, and Ally ran back to her seat so Mr. Choi could take attendance.

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