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Default Addict

quite unhappy with my whole drugs situation now...
4years ago it was a casual toke on a spliff if it was going

4 years later and now...
now i sell cannabis
i take ectasy and cocaine now
and just smoke so much weed its unreal...cant quite remember the last day where i didnt have any...

my memory is shocking, cant remember anything really...
im so aggresive nowadays its horrible...been fighting more
generally just not a nice person...

drugs are my way of coping..
it makes me feel good and i dont cut nowadays
but its just gone from one addiction (in cutting) to beign addicted to drugs.

i dont really know what to do with myself.

what a pile of wank =[

i knwo you'll all say, i can do what i want and i dont need to do any of it
its my choice and my life is how i make it..blablabla....but lets all face it

Life isnt that simple.....

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18. Come back when you stop failing.
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