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Default Re: Do you have OCD? Answers from another obsessive-compulsive

I do not have any serious disorders but more of a mixture of everything.
1. My biggest one is pictures, I always want stuff to be hung level.
2. Labels, I make sure labels (on cans bottles etc.) are always facing towards the front, I hate to see things turn sideways just even a little bit.
3. My hair, even though I'm a guy if I get bored (or stressed) I will sit and twirl my hair, not sure why?
4. The way I do stuff, i.e. if I pick up a soda can with my right hand, the next time I pick it up I MUST pick it up with my left hand. It's just wierd random stuff like that, and I do it all the time!
Some more I do is just random, like counting (the number of tiles in a room, the number of lightbulbs, etc.) and picking stuff up just to move it like 1/2 an inch. I'm really glad someone started this block so that way I know I am NOT the only person that does this. Thanks!

*I'm so amazing, I sometimes impress myself
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