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Angry my brother in law thinks i'm a fucking whore

i hang out with mostly guys. thats just me. i paintball and play video games and i just find guys easier to talk to and i just enjoy their company over girls. since summer started, i started hanging out with friends more outside school. every time i see my brother in law, he says, "how's your boyfriend?" it was harmless teasing the first couple times, but now he says stuff like, "you always hang out with a bunch of guys. you know what that means." then i was out late tonight and my sister calls me and tells me to get home and she lectures me and interrogates me and my brother just laughs and calls me a slut. i live with my siblings and i dont have a cerfew if i tell my brother where i am. i followed the rules. she isnt the one watching me but she comes and tells me i'm a slut and i shouldnt be out so late. it pisses me off so badly. i've never even had my first kiss and i keep her updated on my social life and i've never done anything to betray her trust and she gets mad at me and calls me a slut. its bullshit.
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