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Originally Posted by Trebor View Post
If I may, I understand I am only new here (this will be my 7th post) but I read the rules for posting here and it clearly states "Do NOT promote and encourage others to experiment with Drug taking, we find this very serious and you WILL be reported to an admin.".

I would like to point out that I feel this to be unfair as it should also mean that taking an anit-drug stance would be hippocritical to the ideas of fairness. I understand that with all things, there are good and bad sides and I also believe that if there is to be a clear, open, independent discussion of drugs and their effects then the good effects should be listed along with the bad so that those who come to this forum to learn about these topics can make up their own minds. Perhaps this post belongs in the "padded" forum but hopefully it'll be recognised here.

the reason premotion of drugs is not allowed here is because illegal narcotics are ILLEGAL and premoting illegal acts can get the site in a lot of trouble

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