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hey i have a question, and i would PLEASE like an answer, or suggestion , or a comforting , thoughtful idea so when i read it, i wont have to feel like an ass hole, or i wont have to feel sad.

okay: well (this is a different girl=Amanda), i went to elementary school with this girl, Amanda. i got to be a little friends with her back then. then, when i got to middle school in 7th grade, she went to a different school. so i was a little upset. and my elementary school is like 5 minutes away from where i live, and i usually walk over there to hang out and/or do stuff there. so i went there at night, and this was when i was like in 8th grade middle school, and i saw her there and we talked a little before i had to leave. i havent talked to her or seen her ever since.

EDIT: and i currently just finished 11th grade 5 days ago, so when school starts again, ill be a senior, 12th grade. thats how long i havent talked to her for.

But the other day, she just randomly popped into my head and i dont know why or how. well lets just say, in my head i get these 'intense weird fantasies' about her now. i dont know whats going on if anyone can help me.

i was also thinking of calling her to hang out some time. im not scared. ill do it if i have to. i just wanna know whatchu guys think about this situation.
thanks for any one who helps or gives input

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