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also if you have sex for the 1st time theres a chance you might not last very long. i dont like bragging but when i had sex it only lasted like 20 secs because i was so nervous and i kinda knew i wasnt ready to have sex (long story). i know it wasnt because i didnt know how to control my cum, i know how to when i masturbate (i use the stop and go method), it was different than that because i was just so nervous and scared
I thought about that, but wouldn't it still be too hard to control your cum? Sex is way more erotic than masturbation, meaning you would think that the "stop and go method" (which I use too) wouldn't really work...I would imagine that once you start feeling the slight sensation, that even if you tried "stopping" that it would come out anyway.. Ah well.

So what happens if you cum during foreplay EVERY time you plan on having sex afterwards.. that means you'll never get to have sex because you've already came before it even began :[.
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