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Default Re: More mods?

Sure, a global moderator would be nice... A moderator that not only has control over all the forums but also control of time itself! It would be amazing because this moderator would never eat, never sleep, never hang out with friends, and never live their life. Great, right?

The point is, that can't happen. VirtualTeen might be a fairly active site, but it shouldn't consume more than half of anyone's waking hours - not even half.

I think we have a decent staff. What you, Romeo, witnessed was an hour of delay. While that might seem fast to some and slow to others, I think it's a decent speed. Wikipedia has flags and alerts whenever someone edits something has has some word in it. For instance, every time you edit something and submit new material that has any swear words in it, it pops up in the administrators' flagged entries area. Since they have about 100 (or more) times the activity, you can expect that they have 100 times more staff.

Anyway, we've been wondering about some staff members and thinking about revising some guidelines. Maybe within the next month we'll be getting some new moderators and hopefully we can have a broader range of time zones.

Now, I'm going to lock this up to prevent anymore hassling.


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