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Originally Posted by ~FAtUM~
We are looking at all mods and trying to find ways to increase watch time without promoting a ton of members opening room to a higher risk of missuse and inactivity
Well, if I could just give my opinion on this...It's only a thought, but I think it should be considered.

I think we should have a Global Mod that's fairly global...(no offense Cody, it's only a suggestion)...A global mod who's online frequently and available throughout most of the day (like Alex was!). I also think this member should be responsible and not have any forum system turned off or any forums the whole deal, can see the Psych Ward and see avatars/sigs. I think this member should be stable and perfect for the job - no big plans ahead for the near future that might interfere after getting promoted.

As for other mods, I say get rid of a few Gen Discussion mods and a few puberty mods, and maybe promote one puberty mod.

Sure, I haven't covered everything, but I wanted to just say what I think about a few points...

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