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Default Re: Balls and Cumming

Well, I have this problem with my balls and my ballsack. A few days ago when I went to pee, half of my sack was unfilled and clenched together so I had to arrange my balls to put it into proper place.... Should that really be happening?

that doesn't sound normal at all, i've never had that problem before but i know someone who had to get surgery because their testicles would end up twisting around each other and cause him a lot of pain. unless i misread what you said but i think you meant that one of your scrotums was empty or something

Also, I am 100% sure that my left nut is bigger than my right nut. Yes, it does hang down lower, but last night I was masturbating and felt my nuts, since they retracted and were no longer hanging, and my left was totally bigger than my right. Is that healthy? Also sometimes, my balls are soft and hanging, and sometimes they're retracted and firm(even when I'm not horny).

its normal for a nut to be bigger than the other and for one to hang lower. as for when you were masturbating, im not sure. also, when you said that sometimes your balls are soft and hanging and sometimes they're firm and retracted, that happens to everyone

I don't cum very much unless I jack off for an hour+. Should that really be happening?

the amount of cum that people make is different. it also depends on how much you masturbate and the time in between when you masturbate

i hope that helps
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