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Default Re: Some Serious Help Needed

Hello. My name is Victor. I just recently graduated from highschool last week. Being my age, I've obviously been around the block when it comes to sex. So going back to the graduation, a few of my buddies and some of my chick friends took a trip down to the shore. I got with this one chick Melanie. The next night I really got wasted and so did we and once again we hooked up right on the beach except this time we had sex. Now there's a problem. Since I was trashed so much the last thing that occured to me was condoms. So I did this chick without a damn condom, and she calls me a week later letting me know she's pregnant. I'll keep this post clean since a lot of younger kids visit, but I did indeed shout a bunch of expletives at her including calling her a dirty garden tool. Last weekend was my birthday party and once again we went down the shore. Again, I got with this one chick, not on the beach, back at the hotel and once again I screwed up and I get a call from her saying she's pregnant. So I'm in a predicament. I got these two chicks pregnant and I don't know what to do. My parents don't know. Should I just pay these hos off or what? Tell them to get a damn abortion, or just tbag them untli they unwillingly submit into my extreme sexual prowess(the latter is just a joke, as much as those chicks might screw with my life, I would never consider such things). I'm a student that has a full scholarship to Princeton University and I fear that if they get word of what happened and I get convicted of a crime such as statutory rape(very possible considering I'm almost 20 and the chicks I did were both 15), I'll get kicked out before even entering, and I'll have to go to some community college. I figured since you guys seem to offer great advice to the young ones, maybe you could help out an older fellar like myself.
you graduated from HS last week but you have a full scholarship to princeton and you're "almost 20"? yet your birthday was last week?
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