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Originally Posted by Romeo View Post
ummm....okaaay. Could you please explain why you feel this way?
Honestly I don't even have to
You've been a member for a few days
i've been active for 3yrs

1) We are looking at all mods and trying to find ways to increase watch time without promoting a ton of members opening room to a higher risk of missuse and inactivity

2) Theres no way we are going to give every single member gmod abilitys so they can clean threads whenever they see something wrong
imagine how that would go over in a fight?

3) Demand that all mods stay on 24/7? ya retard
A) its volunteer
B) We have real world lives
C) thats not physically possible even if we tried humans need to eat sleep n shit at a BARE MINIMUM

the fact that you as a n00b come storming in and demand that
i'm not impressed

I've been here for years
the staff and long time members are friends of mine
I have allot of respect towards all of them
I don't like how you see no problem with storming in and going insane over one post that took only 1hr to be removed

Oh and on another note
do NOT report the exact same post twice just because your impatient
thats spamming

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