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Originally Posted by Romeo View Post
Earlier today, there was a severely attacking thread posted on the puberty forums. I had to report it TWICE and request a mod on the SHOUTBOX! It took mods 1 hour before they could respond and remove the post from the forums. (I'm not giving the details for a reason, PM me for information)

Because of that, I think that we could:
  • have more mods
  • give regular users certain powers to regulate the forums
  • force mods to be present 24/7

Any of these methods would be helpful. When I say "regular users", I mean anyone that's not a mod. I really don't know how to expand on that idea, though.
Well first I appreciate your interest in the well being of the site.

But the thing is we have a very good staff here. There is rarely a situation where there would be a long period of time without a staff member on.

Giving regular members, on a forum situation, more powers is just something we couldn't do. It would lead to a lot of misuse.

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