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Default Re: More mods?

Originally Posted by Romeo View Post
lol...maybe I'm getting too paranoid. Would everyone else agree???

Anyway, I do participate a lot in Wikipedia. I probably just got used to issues being dealt with within seconds. What, you don't believe me? Go ahead and add the words "FUCK YOU" to the Dick Cheney article. You are going to be reversed and reprimanded withing 1 min! Anyway, so yeah. Maybe I carried things a LITTLE too far.

this is not wikipedia!
1. we done have that kind of man power.
2. we cant force mods to be on 24/7
3. your not going to die if the post isnt removed...this website has teens from all differnt time zones so we can not all be expected to get rid of somthing the second it happends.
4. The mods that are on at the time of the reported post might not be able to do anything about it because we may not mod that specific forum
5. this is not vTeen

im sorry friend, but you are the weakest link....Goodbye.
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