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Default Re: Abortion thats right I'm bringing it up again lol

I'm still willing to argue, at least we don't have to create a new thread!

Originally Posted by mynameisjane
people have commited suicide after an abortion. unless youre a serial killer, ending the life of your child is a guilt that you'd live with for the rest of you life.
This is a generalization and not all people do it. It's their own choice what is done with their body. Also, life IS a beautiful thing, but there should be rights to get second chances if the circumstances would mean that the baby would either be deformed or go into a household that is deemed unfit due to poverty or other reason. (please don't counter that with the gay adoption I'm about to bring up)

Now, not aborting might be good if the baby is healthy and can be given up for adoption. But this raises the point that the baby should be able to be adopted by a gay couple - the child could live a normal life and can be set as an example and slowly help society accept gays. Accepting a baby into a gay family is not a crime and should not hurt the baby - two fathers or two mothers are extremely fit to raise the baby because they are humans in a loving relationship and care about the child.

There should also be a legal limit of when adoption is permitted unless under extreme or special circumstances. Adoption should be regulated, not allowed whenever : /
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