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Hi, my name is Lenny and I'm 14 years old. Today started out as any other normal day, I was up in my room watching our Mexican gardener, Jose, removing the weeds and every time he bent over I'd get a nice look at his firm, well-toned ass, so naturally, just like any other boy my age I got really turned on, so I started masturbating to Jose doing the weeds.

Now here's the weird part:

So I climaxed, and when I opened my eyes I noticed that my cum had a purple hue to it. It's not much different from normal, but it has a very distinct purplish color to it. Now I've tasted a lot of different seamen and this tasted like normal,
and had pretty much the same consistency to it, albeit it was a little thicker. However, as I rubbed it on my stomach and chest it did feel like, really creamy, creamier than usual. Should I be worried about this? Should I see a doctor or specialist of some sort?
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