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1) no. What I say is we get rid of the inactive mods and have an opening. Adam said he'd be gone and Lynn is dead. Jk she's not dead but she hasn't been on in a long time and doesn't really deserve the job

2) it's a nice idea, but I'm not sure if it defeats some kind of purpose...

3) no. Mods are volunteer members and are not employed - they are regular teens and have lives just like you. No mod can be forced to do anything.

It's kinda hard to get good members in the time zones you want them. A bad thread can be up for 1 hour, maybe even 2 as long as it gets taken care of within like 5 hours. It was a little mis-hap and it happens. Not very often, but it does happen and it's always good to do what you can when you see a bad post. Do 1 or more of the following things.
  • Don't post in that thread
  • PM a Admin, Gmod or Mod and give the link to the user's profile
  • Press the Report Bad Post button (red and white triangle in bottom of post) once (not for every single post)
  • Don't talk about it or make threads about it and don't complain
  • Don't do anything

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