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Default Re: Abortion thats right I'm bringing it up again lol

abortion is wrong. it doesnt matter if you are raped or too young to have a child. adoption is always an option. you can even legally abandon your newborn child in a hospital in the state of california, no questions asked.
and who are you to decide whether or not to let a human live or die? what if your mother told you today that she has no money to take care of you and she doesnt want you to live a life of poverty so she's going to be nice and kill you?
life is a beautiful thing. as long as you can keep the baby alive and healthy and give them lots of love, thats all they need to be happy. if you have no money to keep a child alive, then either get financial support from the government or give the child up to a couple who want a child but werent lucky enough to have the ability to make one themself.
people have commited suicide after an abortion. unless youre a serial killer, ending the life of your child is a guilt that you'd live with for the rest of you life.
the only exception i suppose would be if the baby gets brain damage and will never be able to think for itself, or as a last resort if a mother is probably going to lose her life giving birth. but killing someone because youve made a stupid mistake like deciding not to use a condom is not right.
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