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Default Re: Hey I am 15 and I have a very personal issue that i need help with! plz help me!

Yeah its normal, and at least its good that you prepare yourself to worry about these things. I've heard things like in my health class for example, when we were talking about dating and abuse. I started to worry my bf was like that so i'd be more sensitve to him touching me because I worried so much.
You gotta look into it deeper and just reevaluate your relationship with your father. If you say things are going great, nothing out of the ordinary than I really doubt something will happen. But no one can blame you for being paranoid. It's just normal. And if you don't prepare yourself for something bad sometimes, even if it never happens, you may help some one else out in the future because of it.

But over all don't worry too much unless something really starts to be fishy.
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