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Default Re: Hey I am 15 and I have a very personal issue that i need help with! plz help me!

I understand, when I hear stories I think 'AHH IMAGINE MY DAD LIKE THAT' And I get scared even though he's a widely respected man and the last person I would think of doing that! You shouldn't feel guilty because it HAS happened to your friend after all?

But I don't recommend talking to your dad about it, because he might get the wrong idea and think you are calling him a pervert or something. I think if you told him he would be scared to hug you or something in case you would think that's weird. I think you should just carry on with your life, and when a thought like that comes up just laugh to yourself and think your being stupid.

Say, with the shorts thing I just think you should wear them, afterall your dad just looks at you as his beautiful daughter. And if the idea he would molest you was possible he is going to do it whether you wear short shorts or not! Just wear them, and keep telling yourself you're just being silly. Prehaps tell your MUM and laugh about it casually saying you know it's silly. Don't make it a big deal, everyone has silly thoughts. Just don't start toning things down and never wearing anything but a cotton wool suit in front of him!!

If you start by not wearing the shorts, then you will get more and more paranoid and it will become a habbit not to even touch your dad anymore! Just think about how silly it is, and get on with your life pushing these thoughts away.

Your not alone! I sometimes think things like this, don't worry!
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