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Wow, I have come a long way. Look at my post from '09 I think As you can see, I was an idiot. My grammar was horrible, and I was very closed minded. Now, I am an atheist, I've come to the conclusion that religion just isn't plausible. Science and reason debunks religion on too many subjects to believe in it. And Also, I am a big fan of the constitution, so the fact that so many people these days try and force their religion onto others really pisses me off. I believe that everyone should have an open mind, and the kids should not be forced into a religion, as I and about 99% of people these days are. I have yet to read the bible completely, but from what I have read, it contradicts itself too much for me to believe in it. And finally, I just don't want to be associated as a christian because there are so many people who slave over the bible, Even though they cherry pick the verses they like. I know faith and religion makes you feel good inside, but it is just not plausible, for me at least. Also, What makes one religion right over another? There are hundreds, if not thousands of religions around this world, why is Christianity right but Scientology is wrong? The think that really made me not believe is that The bible and Christians preach over how peaceful and how nice God is. The fact that so many innocent people die from cancer and accidents every day is not a very nice thing for god to do. Why does he kill so many innocent people? Why does he allow these wars to continue? If God is real, I don't want to follow him, because in my book he is a killer.

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