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Originally Posted by Blahages View Post
You should obviously be using something better then IE, Like Firefox.

Anyway, Try reinstalling Flash 9 for IE.

Download this, Which will remove Flash.

Then, Run this, It'll reinstall Flash.

Make sure your Browser is closed when you uninstall it and reinstall it.

See how that goes. If it still has a problem, download HijackThis and Paste what it found in here.

Open it, and click the "Do a System Scan and save a log file"

When the Log file opens up in Notepad, hit Edit > Select All, and then Open up your Browser to this Thread, and click in the text field here and hit Ctrl+v to paste it in here. Then, we can look over it and see if there's any problematic looking programs running on your computer.

You might also want to run a spyware scan while you're at it. Try Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware.
Download this, Which will remove Flash.
It's a Unknown Publisher it will not run.

Will with im doing now (10:06PM PST) removeing flash from add or remove progr...
I will give you a update soon
(10:10PM PST) it's fix thanks
6/19/07 (11:02PM PST)
I'm so sorry but's it's not fix
I'm going to bed so tell my the answers tomorrow
6/20/07 (9:46AM PST)
Im up im my night zzz Is that
""Download this, Which will remove Flash.""
Safe to run?
6/20/07 (10:13AM PST)
That flash comes up on youtube so do you think it's my probm?
6/20/07 (11:57AM PST)
Im going to post this on TECH SUPPORT GUY to see if some one can help me.
6/21/07 (1:19PM PST)
Dam I cant fix it I need FF or some thing!! IE I want to kill
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