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Default Re: penis size

Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
You're not small. Nothing's acutally 'small' for anybody under 18 or still in the middle of puberty because you have so much time to grow and even out. You've got until your early twenties to end sweat

I think this should go in the penis size sticky
True, i explained some stuff about this so brb i gunna go get it.

EDIT: Got it!
"Thats why penis size is a hard subject(excuse the bad pun), everyone grows at a different pace so when you ask a question like this we have to compare you to adult sizes and sometimes it can break your confidence to be small in adult standards(fine in your age's) and be told you are small because that is the only definite thing we can go on.

omg... that was a long know-it-all post.... NO!!! I made a know-it-all post!!!"

(I got this from cap'n crunch)
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