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Default Re: Name change rules

Kiros had the same philosiphy about not changing your name ever, but guess what he did? He was Kiros72 in September when I left...when I came back to the site in December, he was just Kiros O_o
Like Anthony said you cant honestly compare him changing his name once in 2+ to people who have changed it less than 3 months after they joined.

When was I ever complaining about something optional? I was answering a question to confusion about name changes - but usually if one of the following occurs it's not as hard:
  • The person doesn't change their avatar or signature
  • The user puts 'formerly know as' or something else in their signature to verify
  • Or if others read the name change thread and keep up-to-date with the name changes (they don't have to remember every single one, but read it just in case someone they know changes it
the problem is that people usaly don't put 'formerly know as' in their sig so that doesn't work, nor should people have to read the name change thread every time somebody changes there name, that would become very tedious.
So with all of those answered here is my suggestion. When you pick a user name make sure you like it! You should feel lucky you can change it at all. Most forums I am a member of don't let you change it at all.

O ya This may help the admins if your interested. It is a mod that adds a new User CP section for users to request a new username. It will list all these requests in your administrators control panel. It is one of the first releases of it so it doesn't have all of the features but it may help organize name changing a little better, and hopefully with future versions become more useful

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