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Default Re: Name change rules

Why do you use 'constant name changes'?? Who says they're doing it constandly?

And are you thinking what I think you might be thinking but you might not be thinking but I'm sure you are thinking? Do you think that I want to eliminate the name change rule completley?

When was I ever complaining about something optional? I was answering a question to confusion about name changes - but usually if one of the following occurs it's not as hard:
  • The person doesn't change their avatar or signature
  • The user puts 'formerly know as' or something else in their signature to verify
  • Or if others read the name change thread and keep up-to-date with the name changes (they don't have to remember every single one, but read it just in case someone they know changes it

Plus a little bit of confusion isn't that bad. Just a friendly mis-hap
(just to make sure, could you answer my above questions?)
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