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Ok, Kevin i really admire you for sticking with this and not giving up . I think i would have posted earlier but i dont think i really wanted to be the 1st girl to give my opinion lol. Yes, i no, patheitic! . Im sorry.

Anyway, personally (as im sure ive said in the past) i really dont think size matters that much; its how you use it that counts .
Believe me, size is not everything! And from past experience, the bigger is defo not always the better.
However, i understand that its a personal preference so theres gonna be some people (girls and guys) who are gonna judge...but then again, if you're ever with someone like that, they are NOT worth worrying about.
I think the key is communication - not size! If you ask a girl what she wants (and of course, vice versa) then you cannot go wrong!

Well goodluck and i hope this helps .

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