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Originally Posted by A.E.123 View Post
Okay, I'm 14 and I am in the middle of puberty. So far I have: the pubic hairs around my penis, a small amount of pubic hair on my chest, a small amount of armpit hair, i'm growing a mustache, i have acne, i have gotten taller, and i have longer hair on my legs. The only problem is my penis isn't growing much at all. Right now when I am erected I am 5.5" but when im not im 1.5". But I have been like that for a long time. Also I am uncircumcision and when my penis gets erected I try to pull the foreskin back but it is so tight and it hurts a lot. When I cum after I masturbate it barely shoots out because of the reason that my foreskin dosen't go back. What can I do about my foreskin problem and what about my penis, is it done growing or will it grow more?
well first of all your penis is not done growing and about your forskin just pull it back bit by bit so that in a couple of days you will get use to it and it will go back i will be happy to answer any more questions you have if you want
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