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Default Puberty...

Okay, I'm 14 and I am in the middle of puberty. So far I have: the pubic hairs around my penis, a small amount of pubic hair on my chest, a small amount of armpit hair, i'm growing a mustache, i have acne, i have gotten taller, and i have longer hair on my legs. The only problem is my penis isn't growing much at all. Right now when I am erected I am 5.5" but when im not im 1.5". But I have been like that for a long time. Also I am uncircumcision and when my penis gets erected I try to pull the foreskin back but it is so tight and it hurts a lot. When I cum after I masturbate it barely shoots out because of the reason that my foreskin dosen't go back. What can I do about my foreskin problem and what about my penis, is it done growing or will it grow more? Also I am alittle worried about myself because lately I have been watching porn maybe once to three times a day and for some reason I have been staring at the man's penis and not the girl's vagina. A guy's penis makes me more horny than a woman's vagina but I don't think I am gay because I do dream of having a family when I grow up. If I am gay, I don't want to be gay. I want a family and I want a wife but for some reason I don't get horny around a girl, at all.

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