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Default Re: On this page I write my last confession

No1knos, I know exactly how it is, mate. Honestly, I say, do not do it.

I have been through it all, in only 16 years. Everything in the world that could possible tear a heart into pieces has happened to me. I've taken sleeping pills, I've stabbed, shot, cut, punched, broken, almost every part of my body. I've abused drugs, alcohol, and I've ever taken some of it out on my enemies.

This is not the way to go. I still have trouble handling it. Right now I am looking at the various scars and fresh cuts all the way down my arm. Truly, it disgusts me, but I cannot stop it.

Committing suicide isn't the path. This is terrible advice, but stay to cutting. Go deeper if you must. Just stick a certain path that keeps you away from blowing your own head off.

Just know when to quit.
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