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Everything that Ryan said is true.

Being uncircumcised isn't bad at all - you have something that wasn't cut off of you. There's absolutely no reason that it's bad.

One common misconception tho about being uncut: some thing it's 'hard to clean'. Tho if you use soap and water and take 1 minute or less in the shower, it's not hard at all and is just the same as if you were cut. We don't have any grooves we have to clean >.<

When you got your boxers on, your penis head isn't exposed so it doesn't get raw from rubbing on the boxers (this happens to some cut guys)

Being uncircumcised adds pleasure during sex or masturbation - it's called 'foreskin gliding', and basically, your foreskin rubs the head of the penis and the frenulum (the two most sensitive parts). It doesn't feel raw or anything because the foreskin keeps some of the precum inside it while you masturbate - it's a natural lube.

So no, it's not bad at all! Why would you think that? Lol
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