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Question Think my friend might be schizophrenic

We've been friends for a couple of years now, we consider ourselves best friends. He's always been kind of 'odd'. He doesn't usually really show any emotion. No one can tell if he's having a good time but if you ask him he'll say he is.
When we have conversations he switches topics a lot and can kind of jump back and forth and just laughs randomly. I can usually at least keep up with what he's saying but none of our other friends will talk with him for very long because they can't keep up or understand. Or he'll just have blunt replies so everyone will think he's being an a**hole. It doesn't bother me, even if I don't know what he's talking about. he sort of amazes me.
He's pretty much never still, always tapping a foot, shaking a leg, fidgeting. Sometimes he stays awake for days. he said he doesn't like to sleep for more than 5 or 6 hours and wakes up all the time.
and he seems to have blackouts occasionally. He'll say something, then seconds later say it again and when I tell him he just said that he'll say 'I did? or, I wasn't sure if I did'. but it doesn't happen all that often. one time when we had hung out for a few hours one day, the next day he didn't remember at all and was asking me questions about what we did.
Sometimes when were sitting not talking, he'll either ask me what I just said or just talk out of nowhere and when I ask what he's talking about he'll say 'you just asked me yadda yadda' and things like that.
He doesn't like to talk on the phone or use instant messaging. Theres only about 3 people who know his number (i'm one of them) although a lot of our friends ask him for it, he won't give it to them.

Maybe he's just odd.

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