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Originally Posted by baseballpro4life77 View Post
my armpit hair is 1.5 in long but its blonde and hard to c now as of a month ago i wake up in the morning and a few are brown and easy to see but as the day goes on its seems to get a little lighter why is this's the thing.

Whenever your hair is wet, whether it be affected by sweat or water from taking a shower, your hair color will be more "darker". If you have blond hair, it might appear blond but slightly brown. If you have brown hair, you will have REALLY brown hair. I read somewhere that this has to do with the pigments in your hair affected by the water. That's why your hair is darker in the morning. You took a shower, right?

As the day passes, your armpit hair might be a little drier due to the humidity. In this case there is less water affecting the pigments, and your hair color is lighter. (blond, in your case)

Does this help?

I would like to thank my biology teacher for teaching me about pigments; I couln't have answered this w/o her.

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