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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Wtf with his own brother?! That's sick.
lol...its not like i'm telling him to masturbate his brother,allot of guys masturbate with their brothers
Originally Posted by Progamer9515 View Post
thats weird.... but yea, i just leave the door close, play some recorded guitar playing on my radio, and jack off... cuz every1 knows when im playing guitar, dont bother me

il sometimes do it at night 2, i close all the doors, and jerk off =]
it really depends on how close you two are..
Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Well, I WOULD talk to my brother about it if he reached that age where it's painfully obvious he has started masturbating (cuz when I was 12 or whatever, I took NO steps to hide my "evidence"). I would show him sites like jackinworld, and try to make my self clear that it's healthy and normal, but PRIVATE. I would never masturbate WITH my brother; I just make sure he wasn't hurting himself (by not knowing what to do) or leaving nasty socks or Kleenex around for our parents to see (I'd REALLY like to NOT deal with THAT ).
well you at least got the>_>
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